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The First New Type of Multifunctional Smart Classroom Built and Put into Use in South Campus

Author: Yin Huijuan&Liu Haibin&Wang Min  Date:2017-12-19     Read:

In order to promote the in-depth integration of information technology and education & teaching, to improve the quality of education and teaching as well as talent cultivation, led by the Graduate School, Network and Education Technology Center, the first new type of multifunctional “smart classroom”(S3T21) that can meet the teaching needs of 260 students was built in South Campus and put into use now. The classroom has simple and powerful teaching, automatic blackboard-writing cloud storage, easy micro-classroom record, highly integrated office, multimedia and other characteristics, achieving dust-free, intelligent and simple teaching environment, to give students a better learning experience and enhance learning effect.

The classroom adopts “universal teaching” system and the electronic whiteboard, projectors and other equipment, donated by NWAFU alumnus, Shenzhen Ruishang Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Tang Jingxian. Its original intention is to free the teachers from the traditional “chalk + blackboard + PPT” teaching form through the reconstruction of the teaching environment and the change of the teacher-centered teaching mode in the traditional classroom. In order to enable teachers to adapt to the teaching methods under new technological conditions and to master the use of new equipment as soon as possible, the Graduate School together with the Network Education Center, invited Ms.Du Ying, Chief Trainer of Reishang Education Technology Co., Ltd., to conduct training for 30 teachers from 16 colleges. Professor Zhang Baojun from College of Agronomy said that science and technology have changed teaching and that“smart classroom” has provided convenience to teaching. The combination of hardware and software has improved the efficiency of the classroom and made the teachers “smart teachers”. He is looking forward to teaching in the “smart classroom” and to bring students a different learning experience. Associate Professor He Ling from College of Horticulture expressed that teaching in a “smart classroom” will make the teaching environment easier and more innovative for the teachers; for students, they are more devoted to class. Such experiential teaching method should be vigorously promoted and the training should be given the thumbs up.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong