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Symposium Held to Celebrate Kang Zhensheng and Shao Mingan Winning the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Author: Zhang Qiang&Zhi Yongping  Date:2017-12-19     Read:

On the afternoon of December 2nd, the conference room 210 in International Cooperation and Exchange Center  beaming with vigor and enthusiasm, NWAFU and Yangling Demonstration Zone together celebrated Professor Kang Zhensheng winning the Chinese Academy of Engineering, researcher Shao Mingan winning the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Three academicians Shan Lun, Kang Zhensheng, Shao Mingan attended the symposium. On behalf of the university and demonstration zone, NWAFU Party Secretary Li Xingwang and Yang Ling Demonstration Zone Party Committee Secretary Guo Sherong delivered speeches respectively.

NWAFU and Demonstration Zone Held Symposium to Celebrate Kang Zhensheng and Shao Mingan Winning the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences

In his speech, Li Xingwang, on behalf of the university, extended his warm congratulation to the two academicians Kang Zhensheng and Shao Mingan, expressed heart-felt gratitude to the family, colleagues and demonstration zone for their long-term support of the two academicians. He pointed out that the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering are the highest academic honors in the field of science and technology in our country and also the leading talents in the scientific and technological front, who enjoy high reputation and are respected by the world. The election of the two academicians is not only highly recognized by the scientific community and academia for their unrelenting explorations and outstanding achievements over the years, but also a significant accomplishment of the 18 years since the university’s merging and formation, which is of historical significance to the development of the university. He emphasized that the prosperity of talents leads to the prosperity of great cause, in order to realize the grand goal of “establishing a business for the second time and laying the foundation stone for a hundred years” and the goal of building a world-class agricultural university, it is necessary to vigorously carry forward the scientific spirit of academicians, deepen the strategy of strengthening our university with talents and promote the construction of “Double First-Class”.

In his speech, Academician Kang thanked two mentors in his life, Academician Li Zhenqi and Academician Shan Lun, and thanked his team, family, domestic and overseas counterparts, university and demonstration zone. He expressed modestly that honor did not belong to the individual, but to the entire team, college, university and Yangling Demonstration Zone. In future work, first he will strictly follow the eight requirements put forward by Dean Zhou Ji to take on the role of national think tank. Secondly, as a science and technology worker, he will work on three things: first, adhere to scientific research front line; second, to do a good job of arid area crop and adversity biology discipline group; third, to train more talents for the better development of university and demonstration zone.

Academician Kang Zhensheng delivered a speech

In his speech, Academician Shao vividly expressed his deep feelings toward NWAFU and Yang Ling using Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. “Yesterday: without the founding of Yangling Demonstration Zone, there is no formation of Northwest A & F University. Without the formation of a school, there is no development of the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation. Without the development of the Institute, there is no me now; Today: China becomes a powerful country, Yangling develops rapidly, the university reaps a bumper harvest, teachers and students are in high spirits; Tomorrow: I feel very honored to be in Yangling, and I am very proud of working at NWAFU, I will make every effort for the construction of Yangling, and I will dedicate myself to the development of NWAFU.”

Academician Shao Mingan delivered a speech

Executive Vice President Wu Pute presided over the symposium, expecting everyone to focus on the four aspects of work according to the deployment and requirements of Secretary Li Xingwang: first, quickly start a fervour to learn from the academicians; second, work hard to ensure the service of academicians; third, strive to deepen the strategy of strengthening university by employing more talents, and speed up the pace of building “Double First-Class;fourth, conscientiously study,understand and carry forward the “spirit of NWAFU”.

Executive Vice President Wu Pute Presided over the forum

Yangling Demonstration Zone Management Committee Wei Jianfeng, Liu Tianxiong, Demonstration Zone Office, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Publicity Department, Education Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau and heads of other units, university leaders Zhao Zhong, Xu Yangfu, Ma Jianhua, Lv Weidong, Luo Jun,Party committee member, assistant to the president,double first-class subject group leader,teachers and students representatives from College of Plant Protection and Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, and heads of relevant school functional departments attended the symposium.

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Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong