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Reprinted:Overseas students look to learn from China's agriculture experience

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Yangling, in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, has a top-level agricultural university and many programs of international cooperation and exchanges, which are now attracting more students from overseas.
For Abdul Ghaftar Star from Pakistan, Yangling's Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University (Northwest A&F University) meets his study needs. At the age of 26, he has been studying at Northwest A&F for two years, pursuing a master’s degree on plant nutrition. He said that he came to China to learn from different ideas.

 International students, scholars and officials in the agricultural sector are exchanging experiences in Northwest University of A&F. /CGTN Photo

Priyadarshani Rajapaksha, a chief engineer from Sri Lanka’s Department of Agriculture, said she wanted to come to China to learn and exchange experiences concerning irrigation. For her, such a chance is a necessity.
When it comes to communication and exchanges, Northwest A&F University is confident it can be a leader in its field.

Northwest A&F University. /en.nwsuaf.edu.cn

Luo Jun, the university's vice president, said China has developed a lot of agricultural experience in reducing poverty and raising people’s living standards. As a result, the world is paying attention to China’s knowledge and experience.