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NWAFU International Students First Won Chinese Government Scholarship for Excellent International Students in China

Author: Cheng Shangzhi&Pang Xuexin  Date:2017-12-19     Read:

Recently, China Scholarship Council announced the 2017 award winners of the Chinese Government Scholarship for Excellent International Students in China. Nigerian PhD student AYANTOBO,OLUSOLA(Chinese name: Gao Yuan) from College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering majoring in hydrology and water resources, and Pakistani PhD student SAEED,MUHAMMAD (Chinese name: Wei Ning) from College of Animal Science and Technology majoring in animal nutrition and feed science received Chinese Government Scholarship for Excellence International Students in China. This is the first time that NWAFU international students win this award through their comprehensive performance in terms of moral integrity, Chinese language learning, cultural practices, academic achievements and research capabilities.

The Ministry of Education has set up the scholarship program for excellent international students in China, which aims to encourage international students in China to study diligently, strive to make progress, improve the overall level of studying in China, and cultivate more talents of excellence to know and befriend China. Recommended by the colleges and selected by experts, a total of 600 international students from 148 colleges and universities in China received awards in 2017.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong