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Sing Music Dreams Enjoy Youth Carnivals

Author: Deng Ruisha,Li Shiling,Zhang Hangwei  Date:2016-12-08     Read:


The 8th&9th Top Ten Singer Chang Geng

Group Photo

On the evening of November 17th,  the 11th Top Ten Singers Final Competition, organized by NWAFU Youth League Committee and the Students' Union, was successfully held at Xiushan Activities Center on north campus. Mr.Yang Yanbao, head of recreation and sports department of NWAFU Youth League Committee, and related instructors from Student Art Group were invited to be judges. Ms.Shi Yanni, Mr.Zhang Yongbin and Mr.Liu Yexing, secretaries of NWAFU Youth League Committee, and Xu Zhehao, president of the Students' Union attended the event, with more than 1800 students from all colleges and departments present to enjoy the music feast. The competition set three cessions including “Sing out NWAFU”, “Meet One's Match” and “Battle of the Peak” , providing a good platform for students to present themselves.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling
Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong