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NWAFUer’s Works Showing on Dragon TV

Author: Xin Qingting  Date:2016-11-09     Read:

The large revolutionary historical dramaThe Red Flag Thrown into West Wind was on during the prime time at Dragon TV channel since October 21st. The drama, produced by Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.and supervised by the Art Office of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, is among the key works commemorating the 80thAnniversary of the Red Army’s Long March Triumph. 

The script is completed by Zhang Weiwei – 2012 PhD student in Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Fan Shengzhen – graduate student from the College of Arts and Humanities, and Wang Shuxin – graduate student from the College of Plant protection.

According to Zhang Weiwei, the story expresses the whole through details and aims at creating a path-breaking historical drama. The name is cited from Chairman Mao’s famous poem and it fully reveals the drama’s keynote and theme.