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Notice on the holding of “the NWSUAF Fifth Post-doctoral Annual Meeting”

Sourse:   Date:2018-11-28

In order to enhance the academic exchange and communication of the postdoctoral in our university, the fifth NWSUAF post-doctoral annual meeting will be organized with the theme of “Scientific and technological innovation leading the development of modern agriculture”. The Distinguished Youth Scholars, the Excellent Youth Scholars, the famous teachers and the excellent post-doctoral will be invited to give speech. This meeting will provide an opportunity to present post-doctoral achievements, to strengthen the communication and cooperation of the postdoctoral and to motivate post-doctoral academic innovation and expertise. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Conference Theme

Scientific and technological innovation leading the development of modern agriculture

2. Time

December 1, 2018 (Saturday) 8:30-18:00

3. Place

rnational Exchange Center 208

4. Main content of the meeting:

4.1 Keynote Report of the meeting (8:30-11:40)

Three experts are invited for keynote report, including: Prof. Cai Huanjie from College of water resources and architectural engineering, Prof. Yuan Li from College of Horticulture, Prof. Zhuo La from Institute of Soil and Water Conservation.

4.2 Special Report (14:30-18:00)

The meeting has also invited 6 excellent post-doctors from different postdoctoral research stations for special reports.

All the teachers and students are warmly welcome to attend.


1. The schedule of the NWSUAF fifth post-doctoral annual meeting.

Personnel division

November 28 2018