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Notice of "Advancing Plant Phenomics through Sensing and Robotics Technologies"

Sourse: College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering  Date:2018-06-20

Seminar titles: Advancing Plant Phenomics through Sensing and Robotics Technologies

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Changying Li

Time: June 22 (Friday) 15:30 ---- 16:30

Venue: No. 9326 Meeting Room, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

About the Speaker:

Dr. Changying Li is a Professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering, as well as the Founding Director of the Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center of the University of Georgia. The long term goal of Dr. Li’s research program is to develop sensing and robotics technologies for high throughput plant phenotyping and specialty crop postharvest quality and safety inspection. His work has been recognized by several major awards, such as the New Holland Young Researcher Award in 2016, Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award in 2017, the Superior Paper Award in 2018, three Information and Electrical Technology Division Best Conference Paper Awards from 2014-2018, all from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). He has been the Project Director of three large national initiative projects working on plant high-throughput phenotyping and robotics through National Robotics Initiative and Specialty Crop Research Initiative supported by National Institute for Food and Agriculture and National Science Foundation. He has been serving as an associate editor for three international journals. Dr. Li’s research efforts have resulted in more than 60 peer reviewed journal articles, over 70 conference proceedings, and two book chapters.

If you want discuss with Prof. Li, please contact Longsheng Fu (15502909963).

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

June 20, 2018