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Announcement of Research Seminars on “Sensors and Automation for Quality Evaluation of Horticultural Products”

Sourse: College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering  Date:2018-06-19

Seminar titles: Sensors and Automation for Quality Evaluation of Horticultural Products

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Renfu Lu

Time: June 22 (Friday) 16:30 ---- 18:30

Venue: No. 9326 Meeting Room, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

About the Speaker:

He also is an adjunct professor with the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University. As Research Leader since 2004, Dr. Lu has been responsible for managing and supervising the human and fiscal resources and the research programs for the USDA/ARS research unit at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. As an internationally recognized expert in nondestructive quality evaluation of horticultural and food products, Dr. Lu has made many original contributions in the development and application of acoustics, near-infrared spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, light scattering, optical property measurement, and structured-illumination reflectance imaging, for nondestructive quality assessment of horticultural and food products. Recently, he is leading a team of researchers on the development of apple harvest and automatic infield sorting technology to enhance harvest efficiency and achieve cost savings in postharvest storage and packing for apple growers. Dr. Lu has authored or co-authored more than 120 refereed journal articles and 16 book chapters, and edited two technical books. He has served for six years (2009-2015) as an editor for Transactions of the ASABE and Applied Engineering in Agriculture. Dr. Lu currently is chair of the ASABE Publications Council. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and a recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award from Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences and the Outstanding Technology Transfer Award from the U.S. Government’s Federal Laboratory Consortium. Dr. Lu also received nine research paper awards from ASABE.

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

June 19, 2018