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Notice of Academic Report by Professor Edgar Peiter of the university of harrer in Germany and professor zhu yi yong from nan jing agricultural university.

Sourse:   Date:2018-05-18

Speaker: Professor Edgar Peiter

Tiltle:The amazing interactions of mineral nutrients in plants: Phosphate and beyond

Speaker: Professor zhu yiyong.

Tiltle:The mechanism of proton pump in plant nutrition

Time: 9:00 am-12:00am  on May 21, 2018(monday)

Venue: The first conference room (307)of resource and environment college, south campus.

Brief introduction of the reporter:
  Edgar Peiter , professor of agriculture department at the university of halle in Germany. have the very high academic attainments in Plant nutrition physiology and molecular biology research, the research results published in Nature, PNAS, Plant physiology and other academic journals.

  Zhu yi yong, male, professor, doctoral supervisor, department of plant nutrition, department of resources and environmental science, nan jing agricultural university, graduated from liebig university in Germany in 2004.He is also the secretary-general of China soil association youth working committee. Enrolled in the new century excellent talent program of the ministry of education. Mainly engaged in mechanism of crop high efficient utilization Soil mineral nutrients and the mechanism of Proton pump and plant root system for nutrient transport etc. the research results published in the New Phytologist, Plant Science, Plant and Soil SCI journals ,more than 40 papers, etc.

 Welcome teachers and students to participate!

resource and environment college
May 17, 2018.