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Notice of Academic Report “Evolution and conservation of gene function”

Sourse: College of Life Science  Date:2017-10-09

Title: Evolution and conservation of gene function

Speaker: Shiheng Tao

Time: 4pm, October 10, 2017

Venue: S3508 

Introduction of Speaker:

Dr. Shiheng Tao was born in Shexian county, Anhui province in 1961. He is a distinguished professor in the college of Life Sciences at Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China. His research interests forcus on genome data analysis and mining, population genetics and molecular evolution. He teaches courses of Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Advanced Bioinformatics, Molecular Evolution and Advances in Bioinformatics for under graduate and graduate students. His lab has published many papers in journals, such as Nucleic Acids Research,BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Genomics, Genome Biology Evolution,BMC Evolutionary Biology,Molecular Biology and Evolution etc.

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