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Notice of Academic Report "Accelerating crop improvement through genomics and reverse genetics”

Sourse: College of Life Sciences   Date:2017-07-21

Speaker:Prof Michael K Deyholos
Title:Accelerating crop improvement through genomics and reverse genetics.
Date and Time:10:00-11:15AM, July 30, 2017
Venue:E602, Science building, north campus

Introduction of speaker:
Dr. Michael K. Deyholos is a full professor and chair at Department of Biology, University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus in Canada. He got B.Sc in Department of Biological Sciences at University of Alberta in 1995 and, Ph.D in biology in McGill University in 2000. He finished his post-doc training in University of Utah and University of Arizona from 2000 to 2002. From 2002, he had been working in Department of Biological Sciences at University of Alberta as assistant, associated and full professor, till the year of 2014. He is currently studying secondary cell wall, abiotic stress tolerance and plant-microbe interactions in flax and other plants using a combination of approaches in plant molecular genetics, molecular biology and genomics. He was awarded with C.D. Nelson prize by the Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. So far, he, as the first or corresponding author has publications in many top journals including Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, Development, Plant Journal, Plant Cell Environ, J Exp Bot, Plant Molecular Biology, Ann Bot, BMC Genomics and BMC Plant Biology. He is also a co-author of many other publications.
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College of Life Sciences 
July 16, 2017