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“International Symposium on Environment Application and Impacts of Biochar and Carbon Nanomaterial”

Sourse: Collage of Natural Resources and Environment  Date:2017-06-16

Biochar and carbon nanomaterial have been widely used in environmental remediation, molecular sieve development and production attributing to its properties of abundant functional groups, larger surface area, good pore structure and high environmental stability. However, the negative environment effect of nanomaterial application is still unclear. 
In order to improve the key technic of carbon material producing, and understand its mechanism in environmental remediation and adverse issues, as well as enhancing cooperation and communication among local and international scientists, an international symposium, entitled “Environment Application and Impacts of Biochar and Carbon Nanomaterial”, will be held at Northwest A&F University in 3rd-5th July, 2017, Yangling, Shaanxi, China. 
1. Topics
The topics will be mainly focused on biochar and carbon nanomaterial. All sub-topics are listed as following: 
1)    Preparation and technics of biochar and carbon nanomaterial;
2)    The removal efficiency and mechanism of organic and inorganic pollutants in the environment by carbon materials;
3)    Performance improvement and engineering-oriented of carbon materials;
4)    The transport of nanomaterial in environment and its risk assessment on environmental health.
2. Sponsors 
Northwest A&F University (NWAFU)
University of Florida (UF)
Collage of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, will organize and arrange this symposium. 
3. Committee structure 
Chair members
Bin Gao        Associate Professor     University of Florida
Xinde Cao    Professor    Shanghai Jiaotong University
Jialong Lv    Professor    Northwest A&F University
Academic members
Bin Gao    Associate Professor    University of Florida
Xinde Cao    Professor    Shanghai Jiaotong University
Liuyan Yang    Professor    Nanjing University
Jialong Lv    Professor    Northwest A&F University
Dongmei Zhou    Professor    Institute of Soil Science, CAS
Zhanbin Huang    Professor    China University of Mining and Technology
Yizong Huang    Professor    Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture
Mosa Ahmed    Associate Professor     Mansoura University
Zahoor Ahmad    Associate Professor    University of Haripur
Yuanyuan Sun    Professor    Nanjing University
Yujun Wang    Professor    Institute of Soil Science, CAS
Shiming Ding    Professor    Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, CAS
Chengliang Li    Professor    Shandong Agricultural University

Meeting committee 
Jialong Lv, Dezhong Yan, Xudong Wang, Zhi Li, Changhe Tian,Ping Li, Xiaoping Wu, Xianqiang Yin, Ying Yao, Huimin Sun, Zhi Qu, Xiaomei Yang, Chengyang Xu, Peng Ning et al. 
Xianqiang Yin (Northwest A&F University)
Ying Yao (Beijing Institute of Technology)
4. Agenda 
3rd July   Registration (Guest House, NWAFU)
4th July   Meeting
5th July   Meeting (morning) and excursion (afternoon)
The meeting will be displayed by oral presentation and poster. Meeting committee will invite the distinguished scientists to give keynote presentation. Other participants can also register the meeting as normal oral or poster presenters.
5. Registration 
Participants (China): 2000 RMB for normal participants and 1000 RMB for students (ID proof) 
Participants (Other countries): 300 dollars for normal participants and 150 dollars for students (ID proof) 
Registration fee will be used for room and equipment rent and paper materials. Accommodation and food will be organized but paid by participants themselves. After meeting, we will organize field visiting in 6-7 July. This visiting can be considered if you are willing to join. The visiting fee should be paid by participants themselves. In this whole meeting, the company named Zhengxin Conference Service Ltd will help us to organize everything including official invoice for your participating.  
6. Contact 
Collage of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, 
Address: No. 3 Taicheng Road, Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China
Xianqiang Yin   Tel: +862987081581, +8613319251836
Xiaoping Wu    Tel: +862987081591, +8613709260679
Ping Li         Tel: +862987081581, +8615129563638
Fax: +86 2987080055     E-mail: xianqiangyin@yahoo.com
7. Registration form and abstract
We kindly request participants to return the registration form attached as Annex 1 before 25 June, 2017. We will also prepare the meeting book for all participants. Please pay attention to submit your English abstract or full paper to us before 25 June, 2017. The format of the English abstract or full paper is attached as Annex 2. Maximum of 2 pages of abstract will be highly appreciated and accepted. 

1.Registration form
2.Abstract or full paper format

Collage of Natural Resources and Environment
Northwest A&F University
2017. 06.15