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Notice of Academic Report "Tracking water movement using stable isotopes-challenges and advancements“

Sourse: College of Natural Resources and Environment  Date:2017-05-02

Presentation title: Tracking water movement using stable isotopes-challenges and advancements

Speaker: Dyan L. Pratt

Venue: the conference room of the Institute of water-saving agriculture in arid areas of China, NWAFU (located on the second floor of the north building of the institute)

Time: 2:30-4:30 PM, May 3, 2017

Introduction of the speaker:

Dr. Dyan L. Pratt is a professional engineer. She graduated as Biosystems Engineering & Mechanical Engineering from University of Arizona, USA. As a research engineer, she works at Civil Engineering & Global Institute for Water Security (2006-current), University of Saskatchewan, Canada. During this period, she studies on her Ph.D. research. She is the Mine Overlay Site Testing (MOST) Facility Project Manager and Syncrude Reclamation -USASK-IRC Field Research Manager. She has designed a large-scale research facility to test water movement and soil developmental properties on meso-scale hillslopes and mine reclamation cover systems. Besides, she finished the development of in-situ isotope vapour sampling techniques for both soils and plants and design of new systems and measurement methodologies for data analysis and post-correction for isotopic data obtained in-situ. To date, she has published 9 scientific papers and 12 conference papers.