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Over Five Thousand Students Marched Together

Author: Ai Zimaiti,Wang Pengfei,Zhang Jiakui  Date:2020-09-20     Read:

  In order to enhance the tenacious fighting spirit of college students, hone their will, exercise their physique, and master the military skills required by the "General College Military Course Syllabus", on September 18th, more than 5300 members of the 2020 college military training regiment marched on foot.

  At 2pm sharp, all members of the military training regiment set out from the north gate of the north campus and entered the Xiaowei river via Yangfu Road, which was about 12 kilometers long. Along the way, the military songs were loud and bright, and the “soldiers” were full of morale. The march on foot on the mourning day of "September 18th Incident"aroused students' patriotism and united strength.

  In order to get closer to the actual combat, the "rapid march" project was set up for the foot march, which fully tested the fighting ability, emergency response ability and pressure resistance ability of the freshmen in the field environment. As soon as the order of the rapid march was issued, the whole regiment quickly entered the emergency marching state. The students, adhering to the belief that "bleeding and sweatingwithout shedding tears, shedding skin and flesh without falling behind", handed in qualified answers.

  The students were not afraid of difficulties, overcoming objective factors such as complex terrain, hot weather, etc., fully demonstrating the spirit of "being fearless of hardships and charging ahead" of college students in the new era, demonstrating the vigorous power of college students in the new era.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong