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NWAFU’s Team on Agricultural Marketing Ranks National Top 100 in “Come on, Broadcasters” Competition of Ministry of Education

Author: Chen Long  Date:2020-09-14     Read:

Recently, the top 100 teams of the 6th China International College Students’“Internet Plus”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of “Youngsters’ Red March to the Chinese Dream” on E-Commerce Livestreaming were announced. Pleasingly, NWAFU’s team named “Kiwi fruit in Meixian County” was on the list as the only winner team from Shaanxi local universities affiliated to the Ministry. Instructed by Prof. Wang Qian from College of Humanities and Social Development, the group is in the charge of Zhou Lingnan and Zhao Yadan, two undergraduates of the College.

The team “Kiwi fruit in Meixian County” is made up of six undergraduates and two postgraduates from different grades and majors of the College of Humanities and Social Development. Aimed at serving the “three agriculture” problem, the team implemented activities on the theme of “Live Video Streaming Based Agricultural Marketing During COVID-19”. The activities were targeted at Kiwifarmers in Hedi Village, Jinqu Town, Meixian County, and covered a great deal of work including variety breeding, plant management, storage and transportation, brand packaging, and marketing and sales. By deepening customers’ impression on the characteristics of Meixian kiwi, the live video streaming mode promoted the sales of kiwi and increased the revenue of the kiwi growers. In the meantime, the customers also gained a deeper understanding of the agricultural extension program of NWAFU and the agricultural history of Shaanxi province. During the period, a total of 25 live broadcasts were carried out and several of them were ranked top 10 popular programs of the day.

Supported by the national undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program, the team will continueits exploration of agricultural marketing in the mode of live video streaming while bringing students’ superiority into full play. On the top of that, the team is going to work closely with the school’s agricultural extension program and visualize the agricultural scientific and technological achievements through network broadcasts, thus telling the story of NAWFU in a more stimulating way.

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui