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Li Xingwang Inspected the Reception of Graduate Students

Author: Jin Jun  Date:2020-09-10     Read:

  September 9th is the first day of registration for NWAFU's 2020 graduate students. In the afternoon, Li Xingwang, secretary of the universityparty committee, together with Xu Yangfu, deputy secretary of the universityparty committee, Ma Jianhua, vice president, and Yan Zushu, deputy secretary of the universityparty committee, went to the west gate of the south campus, the high-speedrailwaystation and the South Xiushan activity center to check the reception of new students.

Li Xingwang and other university leaders talked with the freshmen who were preparing to register in the south campus


 Let parents rest assured


Welcome students to NWAFU for further study


Students who had a long journey


Welcome new students


Real time information of freshmen registration from mobile phone


Li Xingwang and his team get to know about the admission and reception of freshmen from College of Grassland Agriculture


Li Xingwang and his team get to know about the difficulties in the reception of Freshmen


Get to know about the reception work of graduate students of the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation


Freshmen from all over the country


New students in front of South Xiushan Activity Center are registering


Here comes the new graduate students

  It is known that 4375 postgraduates have been admitted to NWAFU this year. In order to do a good job in the reception of new students during the epidemic period, the university made full preparations. A large number of graduate party members and party activists signed up to participate in voluntary service. The Public Security Bureau of the demonstration area and hospitals as well as other units also gave strong assistance. University leaders Xu Yangfu, Ma Jianhua, Chen Hong, Yan Zushu went to the north and south campus, high-speed railway station and other reception sites on September 8th toinspectthe preparation work.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong