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Official Start of the 3rd Training Program for High-Level Talents—Ideal and Belief, Conditions of NWAFU and China

Author: Li Xiaochun, Zhi Yongping  Date:2020-09-01     Read:

  On August 31, 39 scholars that are selected for "Four Youth Talent Plans" and specially cultivated by NWAFU gathered in the meeting room 210 of the International Exchange Center to attend the opening ceremony of the 3rd training program for high-level talents—ideal and belief, conditions of the NWAFU and China. This program lasted 5 days. By means of lectures, seminars and scene teaching, the trainees went to the school history museum, Dongnan Kiln, Qinling Huochitang Experimental Forest Farm and Zhaojin Revolutionary Memorial Hall, taking part in educational practice around “Three Agriculture” strategy, ecological civilization, history and conditions of NWAFU, and "NWAFU Spirit".

  Prof. Jia Hanzhong from the College of Natural Resources and Environment was the leader of the program. In his speech, he indicated that as the inheritors of the "NWAFU Spirit", they must always be determined, innovative, pioneering and robust. They may not be the one who share success but the one who strive to create success and be in the vanguard of NWAFU's progress. Following NWAFU's "12345" development strategy, they are aiming at focusing on the priorities of the future work and contribute to the cause of building a world-class agricultural university. 

  As an important measure taken by the CPC Committee of NWAFU to promote the growth of talents and strength its ties with them, the training program for high-level talents—ideal and belief, conditions of the NWAFU and Chinahas been successfully held for two sessions and attracted 73 youth talents from 21 colleges ever since 2018. The study has enhanced the understanding of youth talents to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and deepened their awareness and reflection on the party's history, national history, school history and conditions, agricultural development, and ecological civilization, which is of great significance for building up the sense of patriotism and responsibility of youth talents and encouraging them to make concerted effort to advance the cause of China.

  Translated by Tian Yiyun

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui