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NWAFU’s 2020 Tennis Program for Faculty Members Begins

Author: Zhao Puqing  Date:2020-08-26     Read:

  On August 24, the 2020 Tennis Program for faculty members launched on South and North Campus, marking the official start of NWAFU's mass activities under regular epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Jointly organized by NWAFU’s Labor Union and the Department of Physical Education, this program has drawn wide attention of the teaching and administrative staff who responded positively soon after the notice was sent. In total, there were over 210 staff members from 29 union’s divisions registering to attend the training. Based on their tennis proficiency, they were divided into five classes with 20 teaching hours each, namely one elementary class and four advanced classes. In order to ensure the course management and communications between trainees, each class is equipped with a head teacher, a full-time gym teacher and a training assistant. In the following month, systematic training is to be undertaken, helping lay a solid foundation for the school-wide popularization of tennis sport.

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui