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NWAFU’s Wheat Varieties Set a New Record of Per Unit Yield in Shaanxi Province

Author: Pan Xiaodong  Date:2020-06-12     Read:

  On June 7th, NWAFU's Doukou Crop Experiment and Demonstration Station organized experts to carry out real production acceptance of the wheat variety NWAFU 805 planted by Zhang Fushun, a large grain grower in Baijiayuan Village, Chunlin Town, Pucheng County, Weinan City. The actual harvested area was 5.59 mu, the fresh weight was 4340 kg on site, and the measured water content was 18.87%. After 13% water content was converted and impurities were deducted, the yield per mu was 730.8 kg, setting a new record for wheat per unit yield in Shaanxi province.

  NWAFU 805 is a new wheat variety with high yield, high quality, medium gluten, cold resistance, drought resistance and medium-early maturity, which was selected by Wang Changfa, associate professor of our university. It was approved by the Shaanxi Crop Variety Approval Committee in 2015. The whole growth period of the variety is about 223 days. It has the characteristics of large grain, big spike, high resistance to stripe rust, easy cultivation and management. The suitable sowing time is in the first and middle of October, and the general sowing amount is 8-12kg / mu.

  After the NWAFU 805 wheat variety was bred, the Doukou Crop Experiment and Demonstration Station actively carried out research work on supporting cultivation techniques. Relying on the promotion system of "three-station chain combination", it successively established 54 hundred-mu demonstration squares and 11 thousand-mu high-yield demonstration fields in Sanyuan, Jingyang, Gaoling, Fuping, Pucheng, Linwei, Wugong, Fufeng, Fengxiang and other counties, involving 32 new business entities such as large grain growers, professional cooperatives, and family farms, and the technology promotion mode of “university+ enterprise + cooperative” was created, which has effectively promoted the production and application of NWAFU 805 wheat varieties.

  Translated by: Ruan Shuling

  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong