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The 6th “Great Supervisors in Students’ Mind”

Author: Liu Hanyu,Wang Yandan  Date:2020-06-11     Read:

  From May 23 to June 10, NWAFU organized the selection activity of the 6th “Great Supervisors in Students’ Mind”. Among the list, there were professor Jiang Yu from the College of Animal Science and Technology, professor Wen Xiaoxia from the College of the College of Agronomy, professor Wang Jianlong from the College of Food Science and Engineering, professor Wang Zhaohui from theCollege of Natural Resources and Environment, associate professor Hu Shaojun from the College of Information Engineering, professor Chen Jun from the College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, professor Yang Peng from the Ideological Department, professor Cao Hongxia from the College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering, professor Lu Qian from the College of Economics and Management, and professor Lin Yanbing from the College of Life Science.

  With the strong support of all the colleges (departments and institutes) and relevant sections, the selection activity of the “Great Supervisors in Students’ Mind” has been implemented for six consecutive years. By promoting the meritorious deeds of the excellent graduate supervisors of NWAFU, the activity is aimed at encouraging all the supervisors to take fostering virtue through education as the fundamental principle when it comes to strengthening the contingent of teachers, cultivating students as well as innovating instructional methods, and commit themselves to guiding postgraduates to be real talents for the society.  “As a teacher, teaching students is the basic duty of my work. For me, I’m responsible for educating and directing my students to be a person of kindness, integrity and diligence. These qualities are far more important than how many papers you’ve published and how good the grades you’ve got,” says Lin Yanbing, professor from the College of Life Science. “Witnessing their growth and receiving their recognition is the greatest happiness for me as a teacher.”

Translated by Tian Yiyun

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui