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Kong Rong

Sourse:   Date:2016-01-04

Professor Kong Rong 
Personal Information: 
Name: Rong Kong
Date of birth: Oct.1967 
Sex: Female 
Name of Institution: College of Economics and Management, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University 
Position held: Professor 
Mailing Address: 3# Taicheng Road,Yangling,Shaanxi,712100, P.R.China 
Phone: 0086-29-87081740(o) 
E-mail: kr1996@163.com; kongrong1996@yahoo.com
Fax: 00-86-29-87081209 
Education Background: 
PhD. College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University, Shaanxi, China, 1999 - 2002 
MSc. College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University, Shaanxi, China, 1996 - 1999 
BSc. College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University Shaanxi, China, 1986 -1990 
Cooperative Research ,Department of Applied Economics at Cornell University ,2008
Study, Department of Applied Economics at Cornell University ,2006-2007
Cooperative Research, United Nations University World Institute for Economic Development,2004
Xi'an Foreign Language Institute English learning,Shaanxi, China, 2005
Employment Record and Professional Experiences:
Professor, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University , China , December 2008-present 
Director, Accounting Department, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F, China ,July 2005-present. 
Associate Professor, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University , China ,December 2002-November 2008.
Lecture, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A & F University, P.R.China.November 1996- November 1997. 
Civil Servant, Agricultural Bureau of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. P.R.China,July 1990-October 1997
Visiting Scholar, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, USA,January 2006- February 2007
Cooperative Research, United Nations University World Institute for Economic Development,2004
Visiting Scholar, Department of Agricultural Economics, Zhongxing Uiversity, Taiwan,October 2001-December 2001 
Research Field:
Agricultural economic management, finance and accounting, financial management, rural finance 
Teaching Courses:
Accounting Principles, Financial Management and Cost Accounting at undergraduate level
Organizational Behavior 、Financial Statement Analysis and Business English at graduate level 
Research Projects : 
1.    National Natural Science Fund: Experimental Test and Measures on Rural Formal Credit Constraint Based on Farm Households' Income Quality ,China,2014-2017 
2.    Ministry of Education Project:  Reaction among Farmers’ Income, Credit Demand and Credit Constraint in West China, 2013-2015
3.     University Project : Interactive SME Clusters and Increasing Farmers' Income in West China, 2009-2012
4.    GIZ(deutsche gesellschaft für internationale zusammenarbeit) Project: Fujian Household Survey on Weather Insurance Demand Assessment, 2010
5.    National Natural Science Fund: Measurement and Control of Poor Farmers’ Formal Financing Risk Based on Trust, China, 2009 – 2011 
6.    Social and Humanity Project of China Education Ministry: Study on Financing Risk Measurement and Control of Farm households in West China, 2008-2010 
7.    International Project of China Education Ministry: Measurement and Control of Poor Farmers Credit Risk in Rural China,2008-2010 
8.    Soft Science Fund of Shaanxi Province: Investment Strategy of Rural Fixed Assets, China,2008-2009 
9.    Cornell University JSL Fund: Formal and Informal Lending in Rural China,2008 
10.     Soft Science Fund of Shaanxi Province Cluster Development of SMEs and Farmers’ Income Increase in Shaanxi, 2006 
11.    Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Fund: Research of high-tech Enterprises Agricultural Financing in Shaanxi,2001-2004
Selected Papers: 
1.    Factors on Farmers' Willingness to Pay Agricultural Insurance – Case of Longyan City, Fujian Province Based on 413 Surveys, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (Social Sciences), 2014(5)
2.    Research on Health Problems of Vulnerable Migrant Workers Based on a Conceptual Model, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (Social Sciences), 2014(9)
3.    Influences on Credit Demand of Migrant Workers at View of Income Stability , Finance Forum,2014 (5) 
4.    Willingness Price of Farming Land Use Right Transfer: Balance Model of Supply and Demand, Rural Economy ,2014 (2)
5.    Migrant Workers’ Employment Cost and Credit Demands: Analysis on 736 Surveys in Middle West China, Economic and Management Research ,2014 (4) 
6.    On Income Quality Migrant Workers, Issues in Agricultural Economy 2013 (6)
7.    Empirical Analysis on Factors affecting Income Quality of Migrant Workers Based on Survey in 10 provinces , Statistics & Information Forum 2013 (4)
8.    Entrepreneurial Intentions farmer level of activity and its influencing factors, Economic and Management Research 2013 (4)
9.    An Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting the Quality of the IPO company's profits, Science and Technology Management Research 2012 (8)
10.    Convergence of Rural Microfinance Repayment Mechanism Choice: Case of Shandong Province, Rural Economy 2012 (12)
11.    Shanghai Shuixian Electric Co. Receivables Empirical research, Rural Economy 2012 (12)
12.    Decision-making Processes and Factors Associated Farmer Households Guarantee Participation, Issues in Agricultural Economy 2011 (10)
13.    Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy and Conduction of Farmers Entrepreneurial Intention, Economic and Management Research 2011 (12)
14.    Genesis of Farmers Financing Preference, Chongqing University (Social Sciences) 2011 (6)
15.    Analysis of Western farmers interest in weather insurance, Rural Economy 2011 (1)
16.    Measure method based on stepwise discriminant analysis of formal financing credit risk households, Guangdong Agricultural Sciences 2011 (20)
17.    Analysis of industrial development on resource-rich region impact the rural economy, Arid Land Resources and Environment 2011 (10)
18.    Factors influencing Shaanxi and Gansu farmers' willingness to purchase weather insurance, China Agricultural Economic Review 2011 (4)
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20.    Informal lending amongst friends and relatives: Can micro credit compete in rural China? China Economic Review 2010(21)
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28.    An Empirical Analysis of Trust, Guilt and Credit Choice of Farmers,Chinese Rural Economy,2009(11) 
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32.    Business and Financial Risk of Small Farm Households in China,China Agricultural Economic Review,2009(1); 
33.    Summary of Research on the SME Cluster, Business Studies 2008 (1)
34.    Environmental policy system in the western region of ecological construction, Agriculture Environment and Development 2008 (5)
35.    Cluster Model Selection of Mid-small Enterprises in West China Economic Geography ,2007,Vol.6 
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