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Zhao Minjuan

Sourse:   Date:2016-01-04

Minjuan Zhao 

College of Economy & Management
Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University
CEM, Rm. 304
3 Taicheng Rd, Yangling 
Shaanxi 712100
TEL: +86(29)8708-1398
FAX: +86(29)8708-1209

Fields of Research Specialization:
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Applied Microeconomics
Regional Economics

Ph.D.  Department of Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, University of Connecticut, 2005-2009, Economics Storrs, Connecticut, the U.S.
Ph.D.  Economy and Management College, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, 1998-2001, Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R.China 
M.S.  Economy and Management College, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, 1996-1998, Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R.China 
B.A.   Department of Agricultural Economics, Northwest Agricultural University, 1993, Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R.China 

Professional Experience:
Academic Experience:
2009-Present  Professor, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, P.R.China
2002-2005    Associate Professor, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, P.R.China
1993-2002    Assistant professor, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, P.R.China

Non-Academic Experience:
Sep 2003 –Sep 2004  Visiting Scholar, Department of Agricultural &Natural Resources Economics, University of Guelph, Canada
Research Grants and Funding
● 2014.1-2017.12, PI, Multi-objective decision of water in Northwest China: Qualifying full value and the public support, Northwestern China using Choice Modeling, National Natural Science Funding 
● 2014.5-2015.7, PI, The Inter-benefits between PES Programs and Regional Society-economy Development, China Academy Institute, sub-STS Program.  
● 2014.1-2017.12, PI, The Evaluation Modelling and Decision-making in Heihe River Basis, Sub project of National Natural Science Major Funding.
● 2011.1-2013.12, PI, The Evaluation of Water and the Benefit Transfer in Northwestern China using Choice Modeling, National Natural Science Funding 
● 2011.1-2013.12, PI, The Evaluation of Shiyang River Water and the Waterhed 
Management using Choice Modeling, China High Education of Ph.D Grants (20100204110031)
● 2010.10-2013.12, PI, the Evaluation of River Water based on Choice Modeling and Its Benefit Transfer in Northwest China, National Nature Science Founding
● 2010.10-2012.10, PI, The Assessment of for Shiyang River and Sustainable Management, China Ministry of Education.
● 2009.10-2011.12, PI, The Assessment of Ecological Benefits for Wei River and Sustainable Management, Scholar Grant of Northwest A&F University
● 2006.7-2009.7, PI, Assessment of Contribution of Local Government in the Transformation of Farmland Property Rights, National Council of Study-Abroad Committee.
● 2006.7-2009.12, PI, Assessment of Rural Organizations Abilities in the Farmland Property Rights Transformation in Pingli County, Shaanxi Social & Philosophy Founding.
● 2000.1-2002.12, PI, Typical Analysis in Northwest Natural Resources Destruction and the Control Mechanism, National Nature Science Founding.
● 2000.1-2002.12, PI, Modeling the Assessment of Shaanxi Natural Resources Destroy and Improving Measurements, Shaanxi Natural Science Founding.
Published Articles-Scholarly Journals (Since 2000) 
Zhao, Minjuan, Yin, Runsheng*, Yao, Liuyang, Assessing the impact of China’s Sloping Land Conversion Program on household production efficiency under spatial heterogeneity and output diversification, China Agricultural Economics Review, 2015 (accepted)

Zhao, Minjuan, Johnston, Robert*, Schultz, Eric What to Value and How? Ecological Indicator Choices in Stated Preference Valuation, Environmental and Resource Economics, 56(1): 3-25, 2013.
Fan Hui, Zhao, Minjuan,* Choice Experiments in Natural Resources Non-market Evaluation: Theoretical and Practice Analysis, Resources Science,35(7):1347-1354, 2013.
Fanus Asefaw, Zhao, Minjuan*,Irrigation water pricing policy for water demand and environmental management: a case study in the Weihe River basin, Water Policy, 15(5): 816-829, 2013.
Yin, Runsheng, Zhao, Minjuan, Yao, Shunbo, Designing and Implementing Payments for Ecosystem Services Programs: What Lessons Can Be Learned from China’s Experience of Restoring Degraded Cropland?, Environmental Science and Technology, doi.org/10.1021/es405028n, 2013 
Zhao, Minjuan*, Yao, Shunbo, Grain to Green Evaluation Based on Farmer Household Technical Efficiency—The Case from Three Counties in Loess Plateau, China population, Resources and Environment, 22(7):323-330, 2012. 
Yin, Runsheng*, Zhao, Minjuan. Ecological restoration programs and payments for ecosystem services as integrated biophysical and socioeconomic processes – China's experience as an example, Ecological Economics, 73 , 56—65,2012.
Fanus Asefaw, Zhao, Minjuan*,Impact of Irrigation on Fertilizer Use Decision of Farmers in China: A Case Study in Weihe River Basin, Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol.5, No.4, 74-83,2012.
Yin,Runsheng, Liu,Tianjun, Yao,Shunbo, Zhao,Minjuan, Designing and implementing payments for ecosystem services programs: Lessons learned from China's cropland restoration experience, Forest Policy and Economics, 35:66-72,2013.
Minjuan Zhao, Management Mechanism for Rural Natural Resources Sustainable Utilization in Northwest China , China Soft Science, 2002(5), pp88-91
Conference Presentation (Since 2010)
Zhao, Minjuan, Luo, Dan, Johnston, R.J, Xu, Tao and Yao, Liuyang, Evaluation for Inland River Watershed Restoration Policy: Quantifying Full Values, Public Preference Heterogeneity and Regional Decision Support, Chinese Economics Society 2014 China Annual Conference, June14- 15.2014 (accepted).
Zhao, Minjuan, Johnston, R.J, Implication of Ecological Indicators in Benefit Transfer from Choice Modeling Evaluation, 5th Sino-German Workshop on Biodiversity Conservation, Lanzhou, Gansu, P.R.China . July16-20.2012.
Zhao, Minjuan, Is identical payment equality? Spatial differential and integral evaluation of Grain to Green Program: Cases from farm household production in Loess Plateau, China, Sino-German Expert Exchange on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Bonn, Giessen, Leipzig, Germany, November 11 – 17.2012.
Zhao, Minjuan, Water use and grain security in Northwest China, China-Germany Workshop “Food Security in China and International Agricultural Trade”, University of Gottingen, Germany, August,8-12.2011.