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Master’s Degree (2-3 Years)

Sourse:   Date:2016-01-13


Crop Cultivation and Tillage
Crop Genetics and Breeding
Plant Resource Science
Seed Engineering
Gardening Plant Germplasm Resources
Grape and Grape Wine
Protected Horticulture Engineering
Utilization of Agricultural Resources
Plant Nutrition
Agriculture Environment Protection and Food Safety
Land Resource and Spatial Information Technology
Fertilizer Science
Biology of Resource and Environment
Plant Protection
Plant Pathology
Agricultural Entomology and Pest Integrated Management
Pesticide Science
Utilization of Plant Resource
Eco-engineering of Harmful Living Beings Control
Animal Husbandry
Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Grass Science
Raising of Special Money Animal
Veterinary Medicine
Basic Veterinary Medicine
Precautionary Veterinary Medicine
Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Animal Biology
Tree Genetics and Breeding
Forest Silviculture
Forest Protection
Forest Management
Protection and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants
Gardening Plant and Ornamental Horticulture
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
Applied Economics
Regional Economics
Legal Science
Law of Environment and Resources Protection
Rural Sociology
Aquatic Biology
Neutral Biology
Development Biology
Cell Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Medical Botany
Chemical Biology
History of Science and Technology
History of Science and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Theory and Design
Computer Science and Technology
Computer System Structure
Computer Software and Design
Computer Application
Civil Engineering
Rock-Soil Engineering
Hydro Structure Engineering
Water Conservancy Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources
Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering
Engineering of Port, Beach and off Sea
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Applied Chemistry
Light Industry and Engineering
Fermentation Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
Agricultural Bio-environment and Energy Engineering
Electrification and Automation of Agriculture
Biomaterial Science and Engineering
Agricultural Water Resource and Environment Engineering
Forestry Engineering
Forest Engineering
Timber Science and Technology
Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering
Food Science and Engineering
Food Science
Foodstuff, Grease and Vegetable Protein Engineering
Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Aquatic Products Processing and Storage
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine
Management Science and Engineering
Management Science and Engineering
Management of Industry and Commerce
Business Management
Management of Agriculture and Forestry
Economics and Management of Agriculture
Economics and Management of Forestry
Agriculture and Rural Development
Agricultural Technological Economics and Program Management
Rural Human Resource Management
Rural Finance
International Trade of Agricultural Products and its Policies
Public Management
Land Resources Management