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Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years)

Sourse:   Date:2016-01-13

 Northwest A&F University is a national key university directly under the jurisdiction of Chinese Ministry of Education. The university is located in Yangling Demonstration Zone of Agricultural Hi-tech Industries, a famous agricultural town, 80 km west of Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province. Northwest A&F University is a comprehensive university with well-developed programs in agriculture, forestry and water resources. dryland agriculture, pedology,crop genetics and breeding, animal genetics and breeding, agricultural economics and management, agricultural entomology and pest integrated management, agricultural water and soil engineering, plant pathology, clinical vet have its characteristic and advantage in China. It has 19 colleges (departments) with 64 undergraduate programs, 105 master’s programs, 71 doctoral programs and 12 post-doctoral programs. It has more than 20,000 undergraduates and about 7,000 postgraduate.

Northwest A&F University is one of the universities in China qualified to accept international students and Chinese Government Scholarship sponsored students. The students with outstanding academic records may apply for the university scholarship.
Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years)
Plant Science and Technology
Seed Science and Engineering
Plant Protection
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Protected-land Agriculture Science and Engineering
Grass Science
Animal Science
Animal Medicine
Biology (Animal Orientation)
Tourism Management
Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products
Artistic Designing
Environmental Science
Geographical Information System
Resources and Environment Science
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
Resources Environment and Management of Urban and Rural Areas Planning
Civil Engineering
Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering
Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Electrification Engineering and Automation
Timber Science and Engineering
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Electrification and Information Engineering
Mechanical Designing, Manufacturing and Automation
Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
Computer Science and Technology
Information Management and Information System
Software engineering
Food Science and Engineering
Food Quality and Safety
Grape and Grape Wine Engineering
Information and Computation Science
Biological Science
Management of Industry and Commerce
Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry
Land Resources Management
World Economy and International Trade
Legal Science
Public Affairs Management