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Great News of NWAFU Graduates at the 4th Graduate Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Author: Su Meiqiong & Wang Jun  Date:2018-10-22     Read:

Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government announced the winners of the 4th Shaanxi Graduate Innovation Achievement Exhibition days ago. NWAFU has achieved greater success in this activity.  

Among the entries, 5were awarded first prizes, such as “Dynamic Evolution and Risk Assessment of Hydropower System”, 6 second prizes, including “TheStudy on the Improvement ofEuropean Grapes’s Resistance toPowdery Mildew by Using the Broad-spectrum Anti-Disease  Gene RPW8.2 of Arabidopsis Thaliana”, 10 third prizes, including “ The Evaluation of Social Ecological Benefits of Water Saving Irrigation Technology – Taking Minqin County in the Lower Shiyang River as an Example” . In addition, NWAFU won“Excellent Organization Award”, and Xu Ran of the Training Department of NWAFU Graduate School won the “Excellent Organization Individual Award”.

The Shaanxi Provincial Graduate Innovation Achievement Exhibition was co-organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Higher Education Working Committee, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, the Science and Technology Department, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It serves as a window to display the advantages, characteristics and achievements of higher education in Shaanxi Province, providing a communication platform for the institute-enterprise cooperation and institute-local-government cooperation.  

NWAFU has always attached great importance to this activity, organizing the graduate students to participate for four times. So far, we have won 22 first prizes, 24 second prizes, 19 third prizes, 12 excellent awards, and 2 outstanding organization awards and 2 outstanding individual awards, whose total number of awards ranked top in Shaanxi province.

Translated by: Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui