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30 Young Talents Attended NWAFU’s 3rd Academic Forum of Overseas Young Scholars

Author: Li Xiaochun/News & Zhi Yongping/Photo  Date:2018-05-16     Read:

  On May 15th, 30 young talents from the universities in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Israel, Singapore, and China joined the 3rd Academic Forum of Overseas Young Scholars held at NWAFU. NWAFU principal Wu Pute, National Academy of Sciences member Prof. James Tiedje, and Chinese Academy of Engineering member Prof. Kang Zhensheng attended the opening ceremony.

  Wu Pute extended a warm welcome to the overseas young scholars. After a brief introduction of NWAFU’s history and development potentials, he pointed out that to achieve the goal of developing NWAFU into a world-class university with extinguished features and a close industry-university-research cooperation, which was set at the CPC congress, NWAFU would strengthen discipline construction and ideological and political education, highlight academic development, practical orientation, and internationalization, and stick to the law-base governance, the policy of strengthening the university through talents, the university culture construction, the conservation-oriented campus construction, aiming to provide an excellent environment for talent cultivation. He gave examples of Zhao Hongzhang, Zhu Xianmo, Li Zhengsheng, and Qiu Huai etc. who kept footholds in Yang Ling and made extraordinary contributions to scientific research. Yang Ling is an ideal place for practical works and entrepreneurships. NWAFU would strive to create a favorable environment for talent cultivation, talent development, and scientific research. The principal also sincerely extended the olive branch to the overseas scholarships and hoped they could join NWAFU where they could pursue their studies and contributed to the Chinese Dream.

  In the context of strengthening the province through talents, Shaanxi initiated unprecedented policy to introduce high-level talents through the “Thousand Talents Program” in the sense that, to the elected young talent, the provincial finance would fund 600,000 Yuan for living cost (equating to government awards) and 300,000 Yuan to 1,000,000 Yuan for scientific research. The young scholar can conduct research independently and enjoy a series of preferential benefits and treatments regarding residence permit, settlement and housing, health care, child education, and transportation etc. In the end, he said that the Organization Department of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the Talent Office of Shaanxi Provincial Committee would, as always, handle special cases with special methods and follow “one discussion for one case” policy to firmly support NWAFU’s talent cultivation and optimize the effect of talents.

  Translated by:Yan Xianhui