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NWAFU’s Score of the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students Hit a Record High

Author: Hu Xiaoning,Shao Guiwen  Date:2018-04-26     Read:

On April 21st, the American Mathematical Modeling Contest Organizing Committee announced the winners of the 2018 International Mathematical Modeling Contest for college students. According to publicity results, NWAFU won the first prize (Finalist) and second prize (Meritorious Winner) for the first time in this competition. The total number of awards has reached 29, including 1 first prize, 4 second prizes and 24 third prizes (Honorable Mentions). Historical breakthroughs have been made in the level and number of awards, setting the best results. The competition set up 78 first prizes all over the world, and only those whose competition score ranks in the top 0.38% can win. The team of NWAFU has made great achievements in the fierce competition around the world, fully demonstrating the significant improvement in the guidance level of the university’s mathematical modeling contest.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong