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Notice of mechanism and control of Kiwi bacterial canker caused by PSA

Sourse: College of Life Science  Date:2018-10-31

Title: Mechanism and control of Kiwi bacterial canker caused by PSA  

Speaker: Lili Huang

Time: 4pm, November 5, 2018

Venue: S3119 

Introduction of Speaker:

Lili Huang is a professor and the associate dean in the college of Plant Protection at Northwest A&F University. She is also a council member of Chinese Society of Plant Pathology, Chinese Society for Horticultural Science (Society Branch for Kiwi Fruit) and the Executive vice-Chairman of the Shaanxi Society of Plant Pathology. Prof. Huang got the Bachelor degree from Northwest Agricultural University in 1982, and master degree from Northwest Agricultural University in 1991. Between 1997 and 2000, Prof. Huang studied abroad in University of Hohenheim, Germany. In 2012, Prof. Huang was awarded the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program). Prof. Huang mainly focuses on the control strategies and techniques development for major agricultural diseases, including pathogen biology and pathogenesis of fruit tree diseases, virulence variation of wheat stripe rust pathogen, research and application of integrated control for plant diseases, etc. In the past years, Prof. Huang was awarded more than 30 research programs, and published over 160 papers and seven books as the first author or corresponding author. In addition, she was also conferred three national invention patents, one National Science and Technology Progress Award (second prize), four Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards (first prize), one DBN Science and Technology Award (first prize), one Shaanxi Agricultural Technique Extension Award (second prize) and other four awards.