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Notice of“Invited talk on catchment water-energy balance and ecosystem carbon-water coupling”

Sourse: Institute of Soil and Water Conservation  Date:2018-01-05

Speaker: Dr. Sha Zhou, Tsinghua University

Time: 3:00pm, Jan. 9, 2018 

Location: Meeting room 203, State Key Lab.of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation


1、A new method to partition climate and catchment effect on the mean annual runoff based on the Budyko complementary relationship

2、Concept, modeling, and application of the undeer rlying watuse efficiency for terrestrial ecosystems

A Brief Introduction to the Speaker

Sha Zhou will be conferred a PhD degree in Hydraulic Engineering from Tsinghua University in Jan., 2018. 

Her Ph.D. dissertation focuses on carbon and water exchanges between the biosphere and the atmosphere.

She has also worked on the water-energy balance within the Budyko framework during her Ph.D study.

In the past four years, Sha Zhou has published 10 papers, mostly in top journals, as a lead author.

She has obtained the National Scholarship for Ph.D. student for three times, and won the Tsinghua’s “Acedemic Rookie” Award during her Ph.D period.

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