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Notice of Academic Report "Crop Physiology : Applications for Breeding and Agronomy”

Sourse:   Date:2017-08-18

  Title:Crop Physiology : Applications for Breeding and Agronomy

  1) Definitions of yield

  2) Environmental characterization

  3) Interaction of genotype × environment (Phenotype plasticity

  Presenter:Victor Sadras(South Australia Research and Development Institute)

  Date and time:21st August, 2017 (Monday) (10:00-11:30 a.m.; 3:00-5:00 p.m.)

  Location:No.1 conference room (307), College of Natural Resource and Environment 

  Introduction of presenter:

  Victor Sadras fills a post as Principal Scientist and Leader of crop ecophysiology team in South Australian Research & Development Institute; He also affiliate Associate Professor in University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food & Wine. 

  Victor Sadras’ work focus on 1) adaptation of temperature and water deficit in cereal crop, chickpea, field pea and grapevine; 2) Crop yield and irrigation and yield gap and benchmarking; 3) Nitrogen use efficiency in cereals and nitrogen x water interactions; 4) Physiology of yield and quality in grain crops, grapevine and olive; 5) Plant-plant interactions and stress signaling and Intensification of agriculture in the Pampas. He has published 180 scientific papers in above fields.

  Victor Sadras is the Co-editor in Chief Field Crops Research, Associate editor Irrigation Science and Associated editor Crop and Pasture Science.