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Academic reports of “Brain infection by Cryptococcus neoformans: Lessons learned from intravital imaging”

Sourse:   Date:2017-07-03

Title: Brain infection by Cryptococcus neoformans: Lessons learned from intravital imaging

Time:July 5th, 10:00AM

Location:Room 4129, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Speaker:Dr. Meiqing Shi,Associate Professor, University of Maryland College Park

Dr. Meiqqing Shi, 

1980-1985: Bachelor, Hunan Agriculture University

1985-1988: MSC, South China Agriculture University

1988-1995: Lecturer, South China Agriculture University

1995-2000: Ph.D. Justus-Liebig-Universit&auml, Germany

2000-2011: Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, University of Calgary, Canada 

2011-2016: Assistant Professor

Since 2016: Associate Professor

Dr. Meiqing Shi’s current research focus on in vivo imaging (intravital imaging) technic based approach to understand pathogen host interaction. He has been awarded for 1 R01 grant and 2 R21 grants from NIH for this excellent research. Most of his research were published in 《Journal of Clinical Investigation》, 《PLoS Pathogen》, 《Journal of Immunology》, 《Arthritis & Rheumatism》, 《Molecular Microbiology》.He serves as editor and Ad Hoc reviewers for many high ranked journal. He is recently appointed as committee member for VMSC graduate program of University of Maryland and Study Section Member of NIH grant.

College of Veterinary Medicine
July 3 2017