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Notice of the 62th Linyuan Forum"Advice about Preparing Manuscripts for Publication"

Sourse: Collegeof Forestry  Date:2017-04-21

Reporter: Watkins Christopher Brian
Time: 14:30-16:00 on April 24,2017
Location:North Report Hallof South XiushanActivityCenter 

Introduction of the reporter:
Watkins Christopher Brian
Professor and AssociateDean,CollegeofAgricultureand Life Sciences and College of Human Ecology, CornellUniversity, USA,Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE)
He conducts a postharvest science research program with a major focus on apple fruit. His research and extension activities are statewide and are focused on storage and ripening from both applied and fundamental aspects. He studies the underlying mechanisms in fruit responses to storage conditions such as temperature, atmosphere, and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), and the interaction of these factors on quality and product losses. A primary area is the development of knowledge required for use of 1-MCP, a new ethylene-binding inhibitor that extends the storage life of horticultural products. This work is now being extended to pre-harvest 1-MCP applications.Published more than 140 SCI papers in journals such as Biotechnology Advances, Post-harvest Biology and Technology, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Post-harvest Biology and Technology, Food Chemistry and other SCI journal reviewers.

Collegeof Forestry
April 21,2017