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Notice of Academic Report "Let there be light"

Sourse: College of Food Science and Engineering  Date:2017-04-18

Title:  Let there be light
Speaker:Prof. Winston Ko
Time:16:10-17:40,Apr. 18(Tuesday), 2017
Venue:Room A215,College of Food Science and Engineering, North Campus

Abstract: LET THERE BE LIGHT is the motto of the University of California and UC Davis. I will briefly introduce them and their research programs (FIAT LUX). I will also show how my field of fundamental particles plays out LET THERE BE LIGHT in the early universe. Finally I will show the comprehensive research programs at UC Davis for some of the most fundamental questions of the universe.

Winston Ko, male (1943 ~), PhD, Professor Emeritus of the UC Davis.Former dean of Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, College of Letters and Sciences, University of California, Davis.His research interest are:Experimental high energy particle physics, fundamental particles and forces, particle detectors, electronics, computer applications.

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