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Notice of two academic reports on soil science by the delegation from Lincoln University ofNew Zealand

Sourse: College of Natural Resources and Environment  Date:2017-04-17

Tile 1: Mitigation of nitrogen losses in grazed grassland
Reporter:Prof. Hong J Di

Brief Introduction of the Speaker:
Professor Hong Di,a Professor of Soil and Environmental Science at Lincoln University, is one of 19 top New Zealand researchers and scholars announced as Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand today, an honour which recognises true international distinction in research and scholarship.Professor Di has led pioneering research, scholarship and technology development on ammonia oxidisers in the soil, nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. Professor Di is a principal investigator with the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC), where he is leader of nitrous oxide research programmes nationally. Recently he was appointed as the leader of the NZ-China Water Research Centre.

Tile 2: Groundwater assimilative capacity and transfer pathways for nitrogen
Reporter:Dr Blair Miller

Brief Introduction of the Speaker:
Dr Blair Miller is appointed as Group Manager Environmental Research at Lincoln Agritech Ltd. New Zealand. His science speciality is in water management; irrigation and soil management; irrigation efficiency; frost protection strategies. In recent years, he is in the commercial sector, working with the agriculture community to develop new business opportunities and to realise strategic goals, for example, he helps the grazing farmers to improve the quality of milk and reduce the environmental effects. He created his own holdings of agricultural company CANFARM to invent and research new equipmens, like nitrate sensor, irrigation systems and so on.

Time:09:30-10:30, April 21, 2017
Venue:No. 307 Lecture Room, College of Natural Resources and Environment

College of Natural Resources and Environment
Apr. 17, 2017