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Graduate Programs of Northwest A&F University

Sourse:   Date:2016-11-02




 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology*


   Chemical Biology*



 Agricultural Ecology

 Forest Ecology

 Physiological Ecology

 Watershed Ecology

Chemical Engineering and Technology

 Applied Chemistry

Water Conservancy Engineering

 Hydrology and Water Resources*

 Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering*

 Structural Engineering

 Hydrology and River Dynamics

 Hydraulic Structure and Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

 Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering*

 Agricultural Mechanization Engineering*

 Agricultural Bio-environment and Energy Engineering*

 Electrification and Automation of Agriculture*

 Bio-material Science and Engineering*

Environmental Science and Engineering

 Environmental Science*

 Environmental Engineering

Food Science and Engineering

 Food Science*

 Foodstuff, Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering*

 Agricultural Products Processing and Storage*

 Aquatic Products Processing and Storage*

Computer Science and Technology

 Computer Software and Theory

 Computer Application Technology

Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical Theory and Design

 Machinery Manufacturing & Automation

Crop Science

 Crop Cultivation and Tillage*

 Crop Genetics and Breeding*

 Plant Resources Science*

 Seed Engineering*

Plant Protection

 Plant Pathology*

 Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control*


 Utilization of Plant Resources*

 Eco-engineering of Controlling Harmful Living Beings*


 Fruit Science*

 Vegetable Science*

 Protected Horticultural Engineering*

 Tea Science*

Animal Husbandry

 Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction*

 Animal Nutrition and Feed Science*

 Pratacultural Science*

 Aquatic Biology*

Veterinary Medicine

 Basic Veterinary Medicine*

 Precautionary Veterinary Medicine*

 Clinical Veterinary Medicine*


 Tree Genetics and Breeding*


 Forest Protection*

 Forest Management*

 Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control*

Utilization of Agricultural Resources

 Soil Science*

 Plant Nutrition*


 Grapes and Wine*

Economics and Management of

Agriculture and Forestry

 Economics and Management of Agriculture*

 Economics and Management of Forestry*

 Agriculture and Rural Development*

 Agricultural Technological Economics and Program


 Human Resources Management in Rural Areas*

 Finance in Rural Areas*

 International Trade of Agricultural Products and Its


 Regional Economics



 Rural Sociology

Note: Program with “*” indicates the programs both for master and Ph.D. students

         Program without “*” indicates master programs.

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